Lectionary Guide

Lectionary for July 21, 2019

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, Series C, ESV

Genesis 18:1-14, God Promises Abraham a Son

Where were the oaks of Mamre, verse 1, located? Genesis 13:12-18. Hebron is located 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem.

In verse 2, three men, the Lord (verse 1), and two angels, Genesis 19:1, appear in human form.

Abraham, verse 8, stood by the three men as they ate. Abraham honored his guests by waiting on them rather than sitting with them. Standing was an expression of readiness to serve, (1 Kings 17:1; 2 Chronicles 34:31), the common posture for prayer, (Job 30:20; Matthew 6:5; Mark 11:25), and also of worship, (Nehemiah 9:4-5). In Nehemiah 8:5, the people stand to show their respect for the public reading of God's Word.

In verse 9, Sarah was in the tent. Women may have eaten separately, after the men, a custom still observed in some Near Eastern cultures.

Comments Tertullian on verse 14, "For a barren women to have a child against nature was no difficulty with God; nor was it for a virgin to conceive". 2 Kings 4:8-37; Luke 1:5-20

Psalm 27:1-14 , The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation

In this Psalm, note the change of mood: the first six verses express David's confidence in God; verses 7-13 are a prayer for His help, forgiveness, and guidance. This structure may indicate that this psalm was used as part of the tabernacle liturgy. If so, a sacrifice and prayer may have been offered after verse 6.

The Lord … light , verse 1. Isaiah 60:19-20; Micah 7:8-9; John 8:12

eat up my flesh , verse 2, figure of speech for giving false witness. Gossip and lies are destructive. Proverbs 11:9, 18:21

In verse 4, David's desire to dwell in the house of the Lord means to enjoy God's presence throughout his life. Psalm 23:6 As sinner's, we cannot physically see God in worship, but we recognize the beauty of the Lord in God's goodness and character. God's children who come in faith do not find a wrathful terrifying God. God is beautiful to those who receive the Gospel. Psalm 90:12-17 inquire, or meditate.

lift me high upon a rock , verse 5. See Psalm 40:1-3 and Matthew 7:24-29.

my head shall be lifted up , verse 6, depicting victory. His enemies are brought low, but he will be exalted in honor. Psalm 18:46-48

Psalm 4:1, 130:2-4 are a cross-reference for verse 7.

Verse 10 is likely a hypothetical statement, since there is no biblical record of David's parents forsaking him. Even if his family abandoned him, God would remain faithful. Isaiah 49:15

We are to wait for the Lord, verse 14. Proverbs 20:22

In summary, David recognizes that when the Lord is on his side, he has nothing to fear. Human beings are prone to fearful responses. We worry about the problems in this life, acting as if we face them alone. Yet God is our light and our salvation. Since He has redeemed us, we have nothing to fear. Romans 8:31

Colossians 1:21-29, Paul's Ministry to the Church

In addition to verse 23, how do we continue in the faith? John 15:4

In verse 24, Paul writes, I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, …, filling up what is lacking in Christ's afflictions. Christ's sufferings for our salvation are complete. Colossians 1:19-22 All Christians suffer with Christ as part of their service to Christ. 2 Timothy 3:12; Romans 8:16-17 Baptism connects us to Christ - both to His sufferings and to His salvation. Colossians 2:12; Romans 6:3-8 Paul gladly accepted suffering for the sake of the Gospel and believed that it brought benefits to the Church. 2 Corinthians 1:5-7

God's plan of salvation was hidden in Old Testament times in shadows and types. The mystery is now revealed to His saints, verse 26, in the Word of God-in Christ. The Holy Spirit reveals how Christ fulfilled the ancient mysteries. 1 Corinthians 2:10-12 One such mystery is the inclusion of the Gentiles in Israel's salvation. Romans 11:25; Ephesians 3:2-6; Colossians 1:26-27 Pagan religions also used mystery for secret knowledge that was tightly controlled and limited to a few. Paul stresses that the revelation of Christ is for all people. Ephesians 3:8-9

Matthew 5:48 is a cross-reference for mature in verse 28.

Luke 10:38-42, Martha and Mary

Who else have we studied recently who sat at the Lord's feet, verse 39, the normal position for a rabbi's students? Luke 8:35

In verse 40, Martha was likely cooking for dozens of people. Note her implied rebuke and criticism of Jesus. She expected Him to be sensitive to the workload His arrival created.

1 Corinthians 7:32-34 expounds anxious, verse 41.

In verse 42, Jesus uses a clever turn of phrase when he says to Martha,

Mary has chosen the good portion

, since it implicitly compares hearing the Word to eating a meal. Psalm 16:5